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Food Production Problems in Modern Times


Dec 15, 2021

The future is now, with the growth of technology and advances in automation, there are many jobs that are disappearing. This is happening to jobs like doctors, receptionists, hotel clerks, and manufacturing workers. But there is good news. With the skills shortage in the U.S., there is room for growth in skilled jobs that will be needed with this shift in the economy.

AI has been proven to be able to do things like picking stocks or diagnosing critical conditions better than humans can with time consuming processes like sifting through large amounts of data or difficult to diagnose symptoms. This will become more prevalent as AI becomes smarter and more capable of making decisions on their own without any human input or supervision.

Some industries are already trying to take advantage of this shift by hiring AI

We are one of the few generations that have had to contend with global warming. One of the most prominent solutions to this is renewable energy, which has been growing rapidly in the last decade.

The World Economic Forum predicts that there will be a further increase in renewable power generation by 2030, with solar power being the most popular choice for consumers all over the world.

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